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Create A Splash with Original Penguin Swim Trunks

original penguin swimwear


In Roman times we used to splash about in water naked due to the waterproof nature of our skin and a respectful appreciation of the human body. However as time went on it was thought more appropriate to cover up our bodies and shroud them in swimwear that would not only spare our blushes but also keep our wobbly bits in check, as this picture from Punch in 1877 shows.


The Art Deco period in the 1930’s introduced the concept of more streamlined styles and the concept of swimming trunks was born. In the 1950’s the middle class members of American society sported leisure wear consisting of Hawaiian shirts and patterned shorts. in the 1960’s swimwear became very brief and thongs were designed by Rudi Gernrich – he also designed the first topless swimwear for women, which was precursor to the bikini. 1970’s brought in cut off shorts while the 1980’s brought out flamboyance and the introduction of Lycra meant that men could wear outrageously patterned trunks that fitted perfectly and skimpily. The 1990’s fascination with Calvin Klein boxer shorts introduced the concept of swimming shorts that we are familiar with today. Trunks have made a comeback in the 2000’s and are now a great compromise between swimming shorts and trunks. Recently Harry and Bobbie from TOWIE were photographed wearing a, ‘Half Thong’, which is too obscene to show a photograph on this blog.

Original Penguin Swim Shorts

If you feel that trunks and half things are way too skimpy for you and you just like to chill out by the pool then our collection of Original Penguin swim shorts will suit you just fine. If you favour plain black then these Original Penguin Earl Tipped Swim shorts would be the best choice.

black earl tipped

If you like the idea of a pattern but don’t really want to be too flamboyant then the Original Penguin Oh my Penguin Print Swim Shorts with little pictures of penguins all over them are cool enough to break the intenseness of black.

total eclipse

Original Penguin Cloud Stripe Swim Shorts are bright, bold and eye catching so if you want to be noticed and comfortable then this is most certainly the choice for you.

cloud stripe

Swim Shorts at StandOut.Net

Obviously Original Penguin is not the only brand of swim shorts available at StandOut.Net so if you have whetted your swimming shorts appitite today – check out the full range of swim shorts at StandOut.Net

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