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Cute on the Ice, Cute on Your Shirt

Penguins are kind of amazing, aren’t they? I mean, who thought them up? They can’t fly but they have wings, they can’t run but they have feet, they dress formally even on summer evenings and they would rather slide than walk. Their absolute uniqueness makes them a popular bird to watch, study and learn more about. I mean, what other bird has an award-winning documentary made about them? Do you think people would have flocked to movie theaters to see two hours about robins in community? I think you know better.

Penguins intrigue us because few of us will ever make it to their homelands in the Southern hemisphere. We only see them on film and wonder what they are like in real life, what we would do if one waddled toward us or shrieked at us when it felt its egg threatened. Penguins have proven to be a popular subject for cartoons as well, as artists imagine conversations between the stuffily dressed and oddly behaving birds.

I think we also are attracted to penguins because they seem to live a carefree and pretty fun life. What’s not to like about sliding down ice ramps and landing in the water, again and again and again, 100 times per day for all we know? And, once in the icy bath, they zip through the water at speeds we would never imagine for them, stopping only when they become too tired to move. Then, they pop out of the drink and waddle back up on land to sleep standing up, tucking their heads into their shoulders in most cases.

Original Penguin

What is undeniable about penguins is their cuteness. Between their striking eyes, tuxedo outfits, wings perpetually bent out to their sides and webbed feet, they look so huggable you just want to squeeze them. No wonder they are one of the most popular stuffed animals around.

Well, penguins are cute on the ice, but they also lend a stylish cuteness to a shirt as well. The Original Penguin brand has been going strong for almost 60 years, and it was a staple in casual wear for decades. Thanks to several recent megastars sporting Penguin apparel in recent years, the brand is enjoying another uptick. If Original Penguin shirts are good enough for Brad Pitt, Jake Gylenhaal and Adam Brody, fashionable gents all, then they are probably cool enough for your closet.

Original Penguin not only makes shirts, but a variety of coats, jackets, hoodies, knits, shoes, boots and cardigans. The brand capitalizes on its cute logo, featuring it in a small, subtle form on most of its shirts and jackets, but also slapping an almost life-sized version on some of their polos and tees. Logos are unwanted unless they represent style and quality, so you’re okay sporting the cute bird on your chest. And, you never know, it might make you more huggable, too. Posted by for Stand Out.

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