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Daniel Radcliffe – Geekster To Fashion Icon?

So how did a geeky 12 year old wizard become a mens fashion icon? Ok, slight exaggeration, it might not be a fashion icon just yet, but he is getting there! As if it wasn’t enough clipping his wavy locks, the 24 year old has been taking some well thought advice from fashion and style guru Sam Spector.

In the past ten years Radcliffe has redefined his look on and off-screen, by carefully chosen films, and the advise of his fashion advisor. He has quite literally gone from dire to dapper on the fashion scale.

The bright colours and eye-popping reds of Daniel’s early days are gone, replaced by some very snazzy custom made suits. With the actor retaining a steady following of potter wannabes, it is reassuring to know that the same styles can be re-created without needing to magic up a full-time stylist, or £10k per outfit.

Yes folks, it’s all about the socks…. well not all about the socks, but the young apprentices fashion advisor cites socks as being important to the actor when choosing an outfit. In modern day trends you no longer need your socks to blend… just the opposite in fact, so it may be that socks are one of the few parts of the outfit where he can stamp his own colourful tastes on his dress sense.

Trainers On Suits
Crazy eh? Daniel has been seen out and about at several prems, wearing trainers over his custom cut suits. We don’t know what the designers think about it, but we thinks its a cracking idea. The Vans Twill Trainers over a dark suit with white shirt really stand out, without looking like you put them on, because you couldn’t find your shoes. This may actually become Daniel’s legacy to fashion!

For less formal occasions, the heart throb (?), has been seen out and about wearing the latest in designer knit-wear. Some of his choices have been almost crossing the line where designer top meets Christmas jumper, but he appears to have pulled it off (not literally). You might have seen him recently in some press photos wearing something very similar to the Franklin & Marshall Black Pattern Knit.

It will be very interesting to see what Sam Spector comes up with next for his latest model, but he certainly doesn’t seem afraid of going with, and against the flow of mens fashion trends.

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