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Diesel – The Universal Word For Style

Renzo Rosso not only knew about fashion he also knew about the power of words, he named his clothing brand, ‘Diesel’, because it is pronounced exactly the same in all languages. The seeds of the brand Diesel were sewn in 1978 when Rosso bought 40% share in the Moltex clothing company.  Rosso swiftly changed the company’s name to Diesel and sold jeans under the new brand name.  In 1985 Rosso bought the rest of the shares in the company for $500,000 and became sole owner, by 2009 the annual turnover was, 1.3 billion Euros.  So not only does Diesel power cars it fast tracks business ideas.  The Diesel range has extended from jeans to; hoodies, jackets, t-shirts, shoes and other accessories that can be branded.  Diesel caters for men, women and children so you can see why it has become such a popular name in modern fashion.

Our Diesel collection enables you to dress from tip to toe in Diesel attire, here is a selection of Diesel clothes that will cover all bases:-

Diesel SKM Ray 3 Pack Calzino Socks

This blue selection of socks come with so many different trims that they will go with almost everything that you choose to wear.  They are great for keeping your feet healthy and fresh in boots or trainers.

Diesel Shawn 2 Pack Trunks

These bright purple and pink trunks are eye catching and yes rather loud but hey they do brighten up dull days.  Obviously if you prefer more toned down colours you can choose the grey, white and black selection instead.

Diesel Waykee Regular Straight Jeans

These very traditional regular fit jeans sport five pockets and a button fly, they are washed but not washed out or distressed and they will pretty much go with anything you choose to wear.

Diesel Michael 2 Pack V Neck T-Shirts

To avoid branding overload we have chosen these very simple crisp white t-shirts because they will go with virtually every combination of clothes you choose to wear and can be layered with a shirt to add extra warmth.

Diesel Sulf Long Sleeved Checked Shirt

The plaid or checked shirt is an ageless classic, you can buy one today and it will still be fashionable in years to come.  We have selected a blue one because it just looks clean and crisp and goes so very well with jeans.

Diesel S-Sho Pelpa Sweatshirt

This 100% cotton sweatshirt will add a warm layer to your wardrobe and can be worn over a shirt or a t-shirt.  It is smooth enough to wear under a winter jacket.

Diesel J-Aliphoro Jacket

This polyester and Nylon mix jacket is not strictly winter wear but could be worn in Autumn with layers underneath so that it is a protective outer layer.  The high collar will keep your neck warm and you can keep your smaller gadgets in the side pockets.

We haven’t any Diesel shoes to suggest but we have a wide range of other brands here and here for you to look at.

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