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Does Christmas Bring Out The Best Or The Worst In Fashion?

We all know that Christmas is here, and if you didn’t, you’d better get your thinking cap on because its time to dust off the cobwebs and get your wallet out!  It’s that time of year when Grandma buys you a jumper you will never wear (well, maybe once), and your siblings buy you a pair of socks you wouldn’t be seen dead in.

But it isn’t all bad, as Christmas can also bring out the best in people’s fashionable inclinations.  Yes, that includes Grandmas too! You might not get a new Duck & Cover Duffle, but you might get lucky and get what used to be a ‘Christmas Jumper’, but is now actually quite trend setting.  Take for example the Bellfield Snow Knit.  Cool….literally!

Aside from the obvious Christmas jumpers, there are some other Christmas must-haves on the fashion front.  Trendy or not-trendy will likely depend on who gifts it to you, but a set of Carhatt Socks should be on every guy’s wish-list….. or Santa list if you still believe!

Now it’s not for everyone we know, but the bobble hat has made a bit of come back in 2013.  Actually thats not true, the bobble hat has never been trendy, but Franklin & Marshall might just be changing things with this version of the 2013 Bobble;

Come on admit it, you always wanted a bobble hat for Christmas!

Everyone wants a bit of comfort, and whilst a onesie might be a step too far for most guys, the snuggle dressing gown is never going to go out of fashion.  If you fancy something with the cosy factor, the cool factor, and the Christmas present giveable factor, then you won’t go far wrong with this awesome Polo Ralph Lauren dressing gown.  Luxury, comfort and style all wrapped (hopefully) into one Christmas morning bundle of joy;

With just a few shopping days to go, now is the time to act, take note, and order one of the above awesome traditional yet stylish Christmas gifts for men who like fashion!


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