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Dress Like a Rock Star

Come on, let’s be honest. When you watch your favorite band doing its thing on stage, you gape in awe at their abilities for about 75% of the time, and during the other 25% you are imagining that it’s YOU tickling those ivories, strumming those strings, banging on those drums. How would you handle the pressure of playing in front of tens of thousands of people? Like a pro, you’re sure. If you had only practiced a little more when you were younger, and found the right band mates, that could have been you!

You watch the lead singer to see how he moves and you make a mental note about the acrobatic gyrations of the bass and lead guitar players. Why are you watching so intently? Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone–you’re peering at them because you still think that you will one day be on a stage and you want to know how to move when you get there. You want to practice these moves at home, maybe in front of a mirror, so that you can get them down cold and you can look as naturally cool as your preferred band. You’re prepping for that big break, for that time when you run into some other guys in your city that want to tear up the local bar scene and can play well enough to do it. I believe in you, too; I think you can be a rock star.

Now, to fulfill that dream, you’re going to have to do more than swivel gracefully in front of your bathroom mirror. You’re going to have to practice, practice and practice some more. Eventually, you’ll master a wide range of covers, and with enough homework done on the Web, you can locate other guys and ladies that have similar music tastes and also want to form a band. It might take awhile, but eventually you’ll find a group that can band together for at least six months in the name of the common good and a 10-gig contract with a promoter in your city. Don’t quit your day job, but do live the life of a rock star after hours as you channel the greatest live performers of all time. And afterwards, yes, by all means party like a rock star, too.

If you’re going to be a true rocker, then you’re going to have to dress a little differently. Rock stars set the pace for style. Everyone watches what they wear on stage and off, paparazzi snap pictures and the next thing you know, everyone knows see what all the hottest bands are wearing during their concerts and when they go to the market.

I’ve got a tip for you: there is one brand of footwear that is spreading like wildfire across the music scene. I swear it’s Swear. Check out photos of Muse, Radiohead, the Kings of Leon and other scorching bands. You’ll see that they are dressing the part, rocking Swear footwear in a variety of styles. They don’t wear those shoes and boots simply because they are trendy (heck, they made them trendy!), they are wearing them because they are gorgeous and sturdy, and they come in a wide enough variety of styles to suit any mood or occasion. You’ll see them onstage at your next concert, and you’ll see them in the club during the after-party. You don’t have to wait until you get your band together to dress like a rock star; just snag some Swear and begin to live the dream. Posted by for Stand Out.

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