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Dress to Impress with Junk de Luxe Menswear

Oh dear, we’ve got a big party coming up and to be honest here at StandOut we’re generally just not that smart (clothing-wise, we are pretty clever I promise) on a daily basis. I mean, I know you’d have thought we’d be the smartest, hippest folk about with all this top fashion to choose from but that is part of the problem – literally far too much choice!

Anyway, in order to get the look we want the Junk de Luxe collections probably suit our eclectic style the best. Combining the original idea of taking old second hand jeans, converting them into different styles, the idea of mixing luxury with well, basically, junk clothing is a technique now made officially designery by Thomas Gundorph, the creator. Even though those of us who love fashion have been basically mashing outfits together that combine formal with trash for years, the menswear collection from Junk de Luxe takes the idea, hones it, and transforms it into yet another great designer clothes range.

Junk de Luxe

Contradiction is the name of the game with Junk de Luxe clothes designs for men. A melding cross between smartness and casual chic it’s the ideal brand to wear this season. If you want to dress to impress then take a look at the latest cardigans, shorts, trousers and sweaters available on Stand Out.net right now. Shop online today at https://www.stand-out.net. Posted by for Stand Out.

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