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Dressing For Summer in The Office

Sometimes it may be impossible to believe that it is summer due to the weather ranging from blazing hot to cold and damp but it is still summer.  The mercury may not be consistently in the 30’s but the overall temperature is warm and muggy.  Looking and feeling good in the summer season is often easier at weekends and the end of the working day than in the office or at meetings.  Fortunately it is possible to look cool, calm and collective in the office without too much effort and a good choice of threads.  If wearing t-shirt and shorts is not an option then the collection of summer office wear we have put together may be the inspiration you need.

Chinos and well cut jeans are a cool alternative to heavy suit trousers.  Chinos are available in a variety of bright and enthusiastic colours but it would probably be safer to choose the sandy or navy variety for the office to start off with.  Jeans don’t always have to look scruffy and you can choose from a variety of different washes and shades to suit your wardrobe needs.

Whether you wear a tie or not a summer shirt always looks tidy, particularly because you can wear it without a jacket and still look ready to work.  A short sleeved shirt is certainly the coolest option but a long sleeved shirt will look just as good.  It is up to you how loud and patterned your shirt is but we think that possibly white or pale blue is most appropriate for the office.

Blazers have become increasingly popular, as they have been rediscovered by celebrities such as Harry Styles and Justin Bieber who have worn them in their own unique way.  If you choose the right blazer you will have invested in a wardrobe staple that could last you a lifetime.  A blazer instantly lifts an outfit and makes it more formal without making you look as if you are a stuffed shirt.

Shoes often cause the most anguish when putting a look together because it is so easy to sabotage the overall look because your shoes are scruffy or the wrong colour.  Boat shoes or slip on loafers are a comfortable and tidy alternative to wearing more formal heavy shoes.  We strongly advise that you wear socks with these shoes or your will completely ruin the overall look you are trying to achieve.

The items of office clothing we have featured in this article are;

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