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Dry January? Turn those pints into pants and shots into shirts…

If, like thousands of people across the country, you’ve decided to give your liver (and your wallet) a rest and give up alcohol for January, good for you, although by now you might be losing a little bit of motivation. You may have enjoyed a couple of weeks of glorious hangover free mornings, the beer belly may have shrunk satisfactorily, but with 13 days of abstinence still ahead, you may be fantasizing about diving head first into a vat of Stella Artois and letting its fizzy golden goodness permeate every pore of your flesh. What you need is a reward. And, as we know here at Stand-Out.net,fashion is one of the few things in life that is better than booze. So here’s a few suggestions of how to turn the £££ saved in Dry January into a whole new look. With the stand-out.net sale still on it’s easy to turn those pints into pants, shots into shirts and hangovers into clothes hangers.

For the price of a round… sale stuff under £20

On average in the UK it costs about £3.20 a pint, so let’s imagine you buy just one round of 6 pints on a night out, that’s nearly £20. For £20 you could commemorate your month off the pop with this awesome tee from Religion Clothing, which features a graphic of a smoking hot girl and loads of booze. Chuff Chuff.

For the price of 2 rounds… sale stuff under £40

By not buying just 2 rounds this month you could afford this mint Levis Jeans green plaid workshirt, which is currently in the sale at £38. The perfect shirt for taking you from winter to spring, this has all the Levis quality with the added bonus of fashion forward elbow patches in green corduroy.

For the price of 3 rounds plus a couple of bags of pork scratchings… £65

The price of booze adds up fast. By staying in just a few nights this month, you could easily save £65, which is just enough to get your hands on this Original Penguin Harrington jacket. An absolutely iconic piece of kit, the Penguin Harrington will never go out of style. With 40% off, taking the price down from £109 this is the perfect time to invest that extra beer money in a classic.

For the price of 1 round a week for a month, plus a round of jagerbombs… about £100

If you manage to stay dry for the whole of January (and if you do, I salute you!), you ought to save yourself AT LEAST a hundred quid. This super cool black puffa jacket from Franklin & Marshall is in the sale at just £107, giving you a massive saving of £72 off the original price. With contrast zip and a drawstring hood, this puffa will keep you toasty warm whilst looking ice cool.

And for those of you who haven’t given up the booze at all this month – pop over to the sale anyway as you probably need something new to wear down the pub…

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