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Duck and Cover Clothing at Stand-Out

Undefendable Fashion – Don’t Hide Your Style Under a Table
If you’re like me, and end up practically horizontal at work, never mind at home, then it’s time to smarten up our slobbishness. If a very strong coffee doesn’t provide a cure to perk us up, maybe a quick jog around the block in freezing weather might do the trick. We think it’s partly psychological. We’re mentally trying to ward off those winter blues by being in denial about the fact the summer’s over already, if you get my drift. In fact, we are unfortunately getting towards that time of year again, when standing freezing your toes off at the edge of the football pitch gradually changes to watching the matches on TV instead, indoors in the warm. Nights are also getting darker earlier, so we’re getting some new comfy gear to slob out in at home. Actually we’re not really too slobby here, I mean we do have our standards, so nothing but the best for our crash-out outfits, and the joggers from Duck and Cover will do the trick nicely thank you. The jogging trousers are pretty cool. They’re made from very soft and comfortable fabric with the best bit being the large embroidered logo on the side of one leg. With a handy drawstring to stop them falling down, they’re the ultimate in relaxing clothing. So even if winter turns us into home bodies, the jogging pants are practical and trendy replacements for your summer shorts. And will help ward off the slob-effect too.

Duck and Cover

Don’t Bang Your Head Against the Wall – Buy Duck and Cover Clothing
Worried you missed the latest season’s must-haves? Fear not! StandOut.net has a great stock of Duck and cover clothes so you won’t go without this year. Check out our fantastic range online now. Find out more about Duck and Cover Clothing – call us on 0844 884 9618, email us on sales@stand-out.net, or just shop for Duck and Cover clothing on our website at: https://www.stand-out.net. Posted by for Stand Out.

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