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Edwin Jeans – Dashing Denim from the Land of the Rising Sun

Edwin jeans is a brand with a real history behind it and life started for this fashion force way back in 1947. The founder of the company Mr Tsunemi had a passion for denim but none was then manufactured in Japan. This did not deter him though and he had material imported to Tokyo from the USA so that he could begin designing fantastic denim-wear.

Edwin Jeans

Mr Tsunemi’s determination became key to Edwin jeans and he insisted on top quality denim and came up with new washes and fits too, to make sure that his jeans would be noticed. It was Edwin that invented stonewashing and it was the first company to sell jeans that were not tough and rigid, as old school denim work-wear was.

Such innovations and inventions carved a niche for Edwin jeans and it is thanks to such ingenuity that the brand is as big as it is today. Posted by for Stand Out.

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