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Eleven Paris Gets Together with Lenny Kravitz and Charlotte Free

French clothing brand Eleven Paris have announced that their new brand ambassador for 2013 is Lenny Kravitz, who will be fronting their spring campaign alongside pink-haired couture model Charlotte Free.
Eleven Paris are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year and have joined forces with the world renowned musician and fiery model to promote their new range, which we can already see showcases strong use of pastels, sequins, sharp cuts and relaxed tailoring.

Eleven Paris

Unlikely Pair
With some already questioning the brand’s decision to use Kravitz and Free, who seem to be an unlikely pair, it’s not an unusual choice for Eleven Paris who chose Iggy Pop and Daisy Lowe to front a previous campaign. And by bringing together old and new in this way, Eleven Paris will surely further cement their reputation for broad appeal.
It’s not the first time Eleven Paris has worked with a Kravitz – Lenny’s daughter Zoe fronted a campaign for them back in 2011. The musician’s effortless ability to look cool seems to mesh well with the brand’s enduring vibe of eclectic eccentricity, and contemporary Free provides the perfect counterpoint to Kravitz’s retro styling.

Eleven Paris Clothes
Stand Out has a wide selection of Eleven Paris clothes for men, including graphic t shirts featuring a variety of distinctive designs. Eleven Paris is about more than fabric; their ethos is about a continuing dialogue with street style and urban roots fashion, making them one of the hottest brands to be seen in right now.

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