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Emporio Armani The Classy Underwear Collection

With a name like Giorgio Armani, it is hardly surprising that this Italian born in 1934 became an iconic fashion designer.  Best known for his, Power Suits the Giorgio Armani saw his designs being worn by the cast of Miami Vice and The American Gigolo in the 1980’s.  Armani took many of his inspirations from watching Hollywood stars in the local cinema, which he claimed was one of the only places of refuge he could go to escape the impoverished life he had.  As with many great people, Armani escaped his lowly life in a small suburb of Milan by working hard.  Armani’s life was set to go in a completely different direction as he studied anatomy in medical school, he was intrigued by the human form.  His studies were interrupted by Military Service and when he came back he started working at a department store which set him on the right tracks to become a world renowned fashion designer.

In 1975 The brand Giorgio Armani was created and the world was introduced to understated suits that fitted the body perfectly.  The Giorgio Armani name is synonymous with style, elegance and class and the collection has extended from sharp power suits to; watches, ladies clothes, children’s clothes, leather goods and of course underwear. At Stand-Out.Net we have gathered up a rather wonderful collection of Emporio Armani underwear and if you are a man who is prestigious about his underwear then this article will certainly appeal to you.

Emporio Armani 2 Pack Stretch Cotton Briefs

With these briefs there is no mistaking which brand they are, the contrasting branded waist is a huge give away.  You will not be afraid of anyone rummaging through your underwear drawer with undies like these.

More Armani briefs can be found here.

Emporio Armani 3 Pack Stretch Cotton Trunks

If you prefer to wear trunks to briefs, then these cotton trunks are equally stylish and the waistband would look great under slightly loose jeans.  Again the waistband is branded and the trunks tailored to look flattering so what’s stopping you from looking so cool?

More Armani boxer trunks can be found here.

Emporio Armani 2 Pack Stretch T- Shirt

Never get caught out looking scruffy when you are in your pyjamas – these really comfortable Armani stretch t-shirts would look great work with the Armani pyjama bottoms.  You could even get away with rushing to the corner shop to get that pint of milk.


More Armani t-shirts can be found here.

Emporio Armani Logo waistband Pyjama Bottoms

Don’t forget your pyjama bottoms when you venture outside.  Worn with the white fitted t-shirt no one would ever suspect that you have just rolled out of bed – except for your hair of course.


Need more choices? Take a look at our full range of pyjama tops and bottoms.

If you would like to see our whole Emporio Armani underwear collection, click on this link.

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