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Enjoy the Comfort Of Bellfield and Original Penguin Chinos

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When looking at the history of particular types of clothing it becomes very apparent that their intended usage was to ensure that the wearers could undertake practical tasks in comfort.  You may be aware that  denim was first  used to produce hard wearing clothes for labourers, but did you know that chinos were originally designed as comfortable clothing for the English and French Military? Chinos were adopted as civilian wear,  making these khaki coloured and comfortably designed trousers very popular. Different clothing brands such as Bellfield Clothing and Original Penguin have adapted the concept of chinos to create an original take on the classic design.

Chinos are now available in many different colours and are made from either 100% cotton twill or a cotton and synthetic mix.  The origin of the chino name is still unsure, as some believe it may be rooted in the American Spanish name chino, meaning toast.  Others think they may be named after China, the country the fabric was originally manufactured. These days  the style of chinos you choose to have depends entirely on the clothing brand you favour the most.  We are going to consider Bellfield Clothing and Original Penguin Clothing’s take on the traditional design.

Bellfield Clothing is a brand that was established in the 1970’s and has managed to maintain a link to its original heritage of allowing people to dress up as individuals while wearing; quality, elegant and highly fashionable clothing.  Bellfield clothing is so tasteful and appreciated that the hottest Hollywood hunks and fashion geeks are embracing the brand.

Bellfield Tan Uppsala Slim Leg Chinos


These Bellfield Tan Uppsala Slim Leg Chinos are made from 100% cotton, sport four pockets and a zip fly. The slim leg design will complement any outfit you decide to wear as you can dress them up with a blazer or look really casual in a t-shirt. You can also buy these chinos in navy, Bellfield Navy Uppsala Basic Slim Chinos, giving you a choice of two neutral colours that will help you to look like the hippest guy in town.

Original Penguin Kelp Slim Fit Chinos

original penguin

If you prefer your clothes to have a sporty feel to them then you are probably looking for these Original Penguin Kelp Slim Fit Chinos.  This light slim fit style includes the traditional four pocket design and a button fly.  If you prefer a darker colour the same design is also available in dark sapphire or for those who can’t imagine what colour that could be – navy.

We also stock chinos by Voi Jeans, Hilfiger Denim, Carhartt and Bench.  Click here to see our whole chinos range.


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