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Everyday Habits For The Ripped Man

We all know someone who is ripped to the core and if you don’t, it doesn’t take long before you scroll past one of your followers on Instagram who is flexing their guns and making you feel slightly inferior.

Whilst it’s easy to come back with the excuse “It’s their job to look like that” what you absolutely cannot deny is, to get into that peak physical condition, it requires some dedication. Fitness experts ensure that habit forming is the answer here. By making some subtle tweaks to your everyday routine you will be well on the road to becoming an Instagram sensation.

Consistency is key!

Prepare to Succeed
Anyone who is dedicated in achieving the highest possible fitness condition can spare a little time to prepare for the week.

Preparing workouts and meals for the week are the first steps to success. Not only does it allow you to be better prepared it will also give you some much needed motivation as you know what you aim to achieve in the week ahead.

Rest and Recuperation
It is vitally important for adults to ensure they receive enough sleep each night in order for the body to sufficiently recover. This becomes even more important when you are adding in a gym session every day. The recommended daily amount of sleep ranges between 7-9 hours.

On the flip side, if your sleeping time drops below 7 hours there will be more ghrelin present in your blood, which signals hunger. An American study found that if you only manage 5 hours of sleep per night you are 30% more likely to gain weight.

Nutrition is Number 1 (Especially Protein)
When it comes to owning a perfect physique, nutrition is the number one contributor. Hours in the gym can very quickly be undone with a few cheat meals here and there. Get your fuel on point and see your results skyrocket.

Protein has long been a favourite of muscle clad guys and there is proof in the pudding too. 25-30% of its energy is used on its metabolisation. Meaning, more calories are used to digest this food than any others that you will consume. Despite all that, proteins will also keep you feeling fuller for longer, making any diet easier to stick to.

Never Take a Day Off
Some of you have just cowered back into your office chair… “Never take a day off… You must be crazy!”

Wrong. Regular activity not only ramps up your calorie expenditure, but it also helps the body to release hormones that will help your recovery. Now we must stress we are not suggesting you go hard everyday in the gym. However, after a tough HIIT session or a day pumping your chest up it is important to maintain regular exercise.

Build in some low intensity workouts such as yoga or swimming to reap the recovery benefits.

Becoming ripped or in peak physical condition certainly requires dedication and some time in the gym. However, what is becoming more and more apparent is that your daily habits are the most important mechanism to help you get there.

Taking small steps every day will see you take a giant leap towards your fitness goals this year.

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