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Exclusive Interview With Religion Clothing

Religion Look Book -10

Stand-Out.Net recently caught up with Religion Clothing and got the opportunity to find out more about the great minds behind the innovative and exciting brand that allows us to choose our own identity and reminisce about the Rave era.

Since the 90’s your identity hasn’t changed, how do you achieve such a strict brand vision whilst still keeping things current ?

The devils in the details!

Religion Look Book -3

What can we expect from Religion over the next year ?

Partying, good style, laugh, and loud music.

Religion Look Book -21

How do religion staff balance their work social life based in such a busy city ?

Work and social life mould into one, when you work for what you love and love the work you do.

What’s your favourite piece from Religions new collection ?

Crib drop crotch quilted joggers.

Religion Look Book -16

What’s Religions 5 must do’s for 2015?

  • Lose your mind at Glastonbury Festival
  • Sleep under the stars on the Ibiza sands.
  • Find a hangover cure.
  • Drink lots of beers at the Camden crawl.
  • Visit proud galleries for a burlesque show.

Who’s the craziest artist/musician you have ever met ?

That’s an easy one – Liam Gallagher

Religion Look Book -22

Funniest celebrity story you have ?

We have a few but there best not told, but a funny celebrity fact is that George Foreman (the boxer, grilling machine) named all 5 of his sons George Foreman Jnr!

What advice would you give to people wanting to get into the fashion industry?

Be true to yourself and take things with a pinch of salt.

Religion Look Book -14


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