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Fabric Guide – 3 Fabrics to keep you from being frozen this winter

Wind, sleet, hail and even snow have already been forecast to attack us again this winter and we are in no doubt that those (not so) trusty weathergirls will get one thing correct this winter…

…it will be cold.

With this information in our possession we felt it was only fair to give you a heads up on the key fashion pieces to keep you out of the cold this winter.


Wool is nature’s way to combat the cold. This is the elite range from mother earth. The natural fibres in wool allow it to create warmth without any extra artificial padding. Aside from the obvious heat benefits, wool is also relatively wind and rainproof which goes a long way when trying to maintain heat.

Secondly, wool is extremely hardwearing. A well-made quality wool coat will be extremely hard to tear and will be a solid investment for a good few years. There are still wool overcoats in circulation from the World War II, 70+ years after issue.

Despite wool being extremely hard wearing, this does unfortunately come at a cost… Some wool can be hard to break in and they will take time to become truly flexible. The second downside to wool is simply the weight. It is a naturally quite a heavy fabric and after sustained periods of time in the rain wool will give in and start to soak up the water and continue to weigh you down.

Our Favourite
Scotch & Soda Graphite Melange Long Wool Coat – £249.95



Leather is like wool on steroids. Extremely hard wearing and durable, a good leather jacket will be another sturdy investment where you a certain to get a good return. Another naturally found material that is once again windproof and waterproof (to a degree) and it is the only naturally occurring material that protects you from nicks or damage.
Secondly, leather is totally badass! It’s tough and edgy and will give you a totally unique style unlike any other.

The major concern with leather is that it can shrink when wet. Unfortunately, the rain water allows the leather to release its oils and lets the fats and proteins face the elements on their own. This in turn leaves your jacket a size smaller than when you bought it.

Our Favourite
Alpha Industries Black Ma-1 Vf Pm Leather Jacket – £349.95


Down Feather

Down feathers retain heat like no other keeping you on fire all year round. The small down feathers create air pockets where they trap warm air and maintain your temperature throughout. Down feather jackets can even come in different levels of padding allowing for a more personalised jacket that suits your temperature needs.

Unfortunately, once again, we have another material that is not 100% waterproof. A down jacket after soaking up the rain will take a long time to dry which could be disastrous if you only had one jacket!!

Our Favourite
Hilfiger Denim Black Iris Navy Down Jacket – £169.96


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