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Find the Right Backpack For You

Backpacks aren’t just for school and college, no, no, no, they are actually everywhere right now on the catwalks and being strutted around by some of the biggest names in fashion. No fuss, no hands and no bother, backpacks are great for the trip to work, to the gym, a dash around town or a night away.  It’s an accessory which has been around for ages and whether you like a more classic, discreet pack or a graphic, bright, eye-catching design we’ve got your back….(pack!)

At Stand Out we stock a few of what we think are the top brands of backpack, check them out!


Back packs Eastpak copy

Long established, Eastpak have been setting bag standards since the 1950s when they started making them for the US army. With so many option, styles and colours to cover all eventualities you will always be spoilt for choice with Eastpak. They all have the extra comfort factor too by being padded which will also keep your precious things safe.

Fit your whole life (maybe more!) in the Eastpak Black Provider Bag. With tons of space, a laptop pouch and extra padding it can be the perfect bag to take away for the weekend. Meanwhile the Bloxx Pak R Rucksack and the Khaki Wyoming Rucksack are both trendy AND practical.


Back packs Spiral copy

Bringing some true colour and awesome designs to the backpack world is Spiral bags. With their highly visual, creative designs, a Spiral backpack will always make you stand out. Whether your favourite design is galaxy, fire, water, sweets, smoke, tie dye…the list goes on, Spiral will get you more compliments than you can handle. Also innovators in shape, not just design, Spiral have the classic shape like the Gold Backpack, the Preston Backpack and the Hampton Backpack, with its adjustable leather straps which gives functionality, and style and even more.


Here we have some of the new(ish) guys on the block plus an established sports favourite. With cool and simple designs, Hype are still only in a pretty select group of stores, and we are happy to say we are one of them!

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