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Find Your Sense of Fashion Humor

The jeans brand, Humor, based in Denmark makes a point of really pushing the limits of style, while also keeping things down to earth and real. There is no way to mistake their distinctive patterns and cuts, and yet they are not so different that you feel as though you are teetering on the edge of fashion staring into the abyss.  Everything is bright and fun, loose and comfortable, and yet trendy. The Humor jeans give plenty of room where it really matters, and they cling in the places where you probably want a little more notice. Fun zipper styles and creative washes mean that the Humor brand will always be recognized.

The t-shirts adequately convey the spirit of the brand, too, with fun images and bright colors. You can wear them on their own or throw a plaid button-down shirt over them to add some texture. Stripes and plaids are certainly the norm with Humor, and the hues are always just one step away from what everyone else is wearing. There is some daring with the selection of colors for the plaids and stripes, but it always works out in the end. After all, wearing Humor doesn’t mean looking like a clown.

These clothes are perfect for the guy who wants to walk a little on the wild side, show a sense of fun and daring, while still fitting in with the rest of his friends. If that sounds like you, then you will love every last shirt, hoodie, jacket, and pair of shorts that this brand provides. Best of all, you can pair any of the garments with things you already have in your closet, and that means it’s easy to quickly expand your wardrobe without breaking the bank. It’s always great to get stand-out clothes for truly affordable prices. Posted by for Stand Out.

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