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Fitness Fallacy – 5 Things to Ignore in the Gym this Winter

It’s 6.00am. Friday morning.

The blinding fluorescent lights ping and flicker as they welcome the world’s early morning gym goers through the doors of the local iron pumping warehouse. Murmurs of how Steve grew a 62 inch chest in 6 weeks dart around the gym floor and no one is quite sure if Steve’s accomplishments are naturally attained or not. In between the grunts and strains of the heavies in the corner and the treadmill beating continuously in your ear every guy is giving you their expertise on how to achieve the ultimate body.

Unfortunately, some of the expert advice is often merely bro-science! Fortunately we are here to lend a helping hand and help bust some of those myths to keep you on track this winter.

Crunches are the golden ticket to abs.
Our survey says… INCORRECT! Despite numerous covers explaining the next best trick to get abs of steel, the truth is the most important workout for your abs is in the kitchen. Adopt a high protein – low carb diet in order to shake off stubborn belly fat and lead you to a cobbled mid-section.
According to research published in the Journal of the American Physical Therapy Association the crunch only stimulates 41 per cent of abdominal fibres, however, the ab rollout rocks in with a huge 76 percent.

Stretch before you work-out to prevent injury.
Since the good old days of PE lessons at school or football games on a cold Sunday afternoon you have always extended your muscles to their extremity whilst standing and having a chat to your pals in the hope that this pre exercise routine will not only prepare your body for exercise but limber up your muscles and prevent any injuries.
Well… turns out that this is actually quite far from the truth. The Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports discovered that trying to loosen off your muscles when they’re cold actually has negative effects on strength, power and explosive performance.

So drop the static stretches and go for a more dynamic warm up. Mimic the moves your muscles are about to perform to ensure they are properly prepared. For example; a set of 10 push ups before you perform the bench press is ideal.

Running will destroy your knees.
Someone inform Mo Farah that his knees are only minutes away from disintegrating because he’s doing too much running.

We’re not quite sure where this one came from or how it has been accepted by some people. We think this must’ve been the excuse of a cardiophobe.

The actual truth is that running and other weight bearing exercise actually have a positive effect on the cartilage in your joints. The regular use of these joints through weight bearing exercise actually strengthens and conditions your cartilage rather than wearing it away. The biggest cause of joint damage is due to being overweight… Look whose got their running shoes back on!

Cardio eats into your muscle.
We think we may have noticed a pattern here…

It’s that same guy giving you another excuse as to why he’s skipped cardio for the 156th time this year.

The buzzword that seems to be giving this myth some weight is catabolism. Whilst it is true that excessive cardio can eat into your muscle gaining ability, it has to be noted that the cardio must be excessive. A leisurely 10k around the park is not going to be classed as excessive. In fact, PloS One found that combining cardio and weights actually increases your lower body mass as your slow twitch fibres are targeted for growth. Plan in a couple of sessions of cardio to ensure you account for a full body work out.

Hit the gym before breakfast.
We applaud you for darting out the front door at 05.55am and making it to see the gym instructor open the front door of the gym. However, the myth that the best time to go to the gym is in the a.m is not completely true.

Having an early morning session is likely to increase fat burning by 20% which is supported by the British Journal of Nutrition. However, an evening session is 7% more likely to help you smash a stubborn strength PB.

Truth is; both are great times for the gym, so long as you’re making it through the door and busting a gut while you’re in there that’s all that counts!

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