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Flip Flopping Around

Flip flops are of course an ideal piece of footwear for the hotter months but with so many to choose from, picking the right pair for you can be a tough decision (but we suppose you could always pick more than one!)

A brief history of the flip flops

It probably goes without saying that flip flops get their name from the sound they make as they slap between the floor and the foot of their wearer as they walk.

Flip flops are thought to have originated way, way back in Ancient Egypt around 4000BC when they were made of materials like papyrus but as many different cultures have made their own over the years, flip flops have been made in a huge variety of materials.  By the 1960s they became casual beach attire. Modern flip flops are likely to be made from rubber, foam, fabric, leather or plastic.

Flip Flops at Stand-Out.net

Havaianas are one of the world’s most popular brands of flip flops. They, unsurprisingly, come in a huge range of colours. They also have a secret formula to make their rubber soles extra comfortable! These are the Blue and Turquoise Brasil pair.


If you’re not a fan of having something between your toes, why not try a pair of Lacoste Dark Blue and White Fraisier’s?

Doesn’t take your fancy? Check out the entire range of Lacoste flip flops here.

Religion, born in the rave culture of the late 80’s and early 90’s, offer a range of contemporary flip-flop designs. Fancy emblems, praying skeletons or splat sliders? Take your pick!

Religion sliders

Did you know that Vans make a colourful, vibrant range of comfortable flip-flops too?

For the full range of Stand-Out.net’s flip flops click here but do remember to be careful when wearing yours as they can be the cause of a fair few accidents (around 200,000 a year, believe it or not) if they don’t fit properly.

Fun Fact: In Australia flip flops are called thongs…just don’t get them mixed up!

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