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For Super-cool Clothing it Has to be Original Penguin

If you were going to name a clothing brand after an animal you’d name it after the coolest animal in the world right? Of course you would and that animal is quite obviously the penguin. And thus, Original Penguin would be a cool label by the power of its name alone. Thankfully though, this brand doesn’t have to rely on that and its clothes can speak for themselves.

Penguin Clothing

Original Penguin started life in Minneapolis in1955 and in the years since the label has become an international fashion force. Today Original Penguin clothing is worn by celebs and your average guy on the street and it is famous for its retro aesthetic. The Original Penguin polo shirts in particular are super-cool and they are available in a panoply of designs and colours, from pale pastel tones to bright blue, lemon yellow and more. Posted by for Stand Out.

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