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Franklin and Marshall All American Clothing With An Italian Twist


The Italian’s are very astute and grab a great fashion opportunity when they see it.  Andrea Pensiero and Giuseppe Albarelli are two designers who live up to this accolade.  A chance finding of an old Franklin and Marshall sweatshirt in a second hand clothing shop in London inspired them to found  a sporty clothing brand based on the alumni theme.  At the time the two Italian designers were unaware that the sweatshirt had originated from a world famous American college and set up their brand in the year 2000.  By 2003 Franklin and Marshall College had got wind of the design company and contacted the two designers and worked out a licensing deal.  As a result of the deal Franklin and Marshall College receive a percentage of all American sales but none from the rest of the world.

As it happens, the connection between Franklin and Marshall clothing and Franklin and Marshall clothing has resulted in both institutions being able to promote each other.  The attendance at Franklin and Marshall college has increased since the introduction of the brand and Franklin and Marshall clothing benefit from being able to showcase their new designs to the intended demographic with very little effort.  The Alumni look is sporty, comfortable and very fresh, Franklin and Marshall are particularly appealing because it is the all American look with a subtle Italian twist.  Franklin and Marshall clothing remains loyal to the grey, blue, black and white of the college colours little splashes of red add extra impact to the clothing design.

Franklin and Marshall Jackets and Coats


Our Franklin and Marshall  jacket and coats range incorporates the Franklin and Marshall design with various practical uses.  Jackets range from the understated grey varsity jacket to the waterproof floral zip jacket which is bursting with colour.

Franklin and Marshall Joggers


Franklin and Marshall understand the need to look good and feel comfortable and this understanding of practical fashion is demonstrated in the comfortable yet cool jogging bottoms in the Franklin and Marshall range.

Franklin and Marshall T-Shirts


When you look at a Franklin and Marshall T-shirt there is no mistaking which brand you are looking at.  The clue is not just in the quality but in the colour and the Franklin and Marshall logo that stands out from the front of the t-shirt.

Franklin and Marshall Vests


If you are looking for a cool sporty look then there is nothing like a Franklin and Marshall vest to highlight the body tone you have worked so hard to achieve. These cool vests are loose fitting and have the number 24 emblazoned on the chest.

If you like the Franklin and Marshall selection we have shown you but would like to see the complete range, please follow this link.



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