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Franklin and Marshall – Back to School

Many brands have helped to drive this trend. But Franklin and Marshall is the original college brand, bringing ‘preppy’ style and ‘schoolboy’ fashion back to the forefront of designer trends.

Franklin and Marshall College was founded in 1787. This Pennsylvanian establishment is the inspiration behind this leading fashion label, and loved by men all the way here in Great Britain, Franklin and Marshall clothing really helps to bring us back to school. Here at Standout, our Franklin and Marshall collection ranges from sportswear, casual wear, day wear, to pub wear. So whether you’re the school jock, the history geek, or the cheeky chappy who sneaks off to the pub after (or during) lectures, you’ll find your sense of fashion with Franklin and Marshall.

Franklin and Marshall

The return of the hoodie’ is one of the greatest achievements of back to school clothing. The ‘preppy’ look has turned the ordinary hooded sweat into a garment of respect, and Franklin and Marshall hooded sweatshirts are among the most popular today. Worn by men of all ages, from school kids to college boys, city bachelors to young professionals; the Franklin and Marshall hooded sweatshirt has become a timeless piece of casual wear.

Inspired by American Vintage College spirit, the Pennsylvanian establishment was named by one of the Founding Fathers of America, Benjamin Franklin. The Franklin and Marshall clothing brand and the college have no other connections than the inspiring trend of fashion, but the back to school style trickles down all the way from the US to Great Britain. Here in the UK, we love the ‘preppy’ school boy style. Here at Standout, we’re all about bringing the schoolboy look back, so shop online for Franklin and Marshall clothing now… Posted by for Stand Out.

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