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Franklin and Marshall – Clothes for the Discerning Man

Did you know that Franklin and Marshall make flip flops? Well they do! And they look great! With the recognisable stamp of Franklin and Marshall you know your feet will be comfortably clothed on the beach this year.

Did you know that flip flops are unique foot wear and have several disguises, they are called thongs, pluggers, toesies or jangals depending on which country you’re in. Basically, flip flops are different from sandals because they secure to your feet via a single strap that grips between your toes. Your ankles stay free from straps and fastenings, which means that when you walk wearing flip flops, the heel section flops and flips on the ground with every step.

Franklin & Marshall

Some people wear flip flops in doors all year round but others simply buy a new pair every summer for their holiday abroad. Flip flops are perfect foot wear for the beach because they’re usually made of rubber and so you can paddle in the sea without ruining them. They’re also easy to clean and small and light to pack.

Get yourself noticed on the sand this summer and get yourself a pair of Franklin and Marshall flip flops. Order them online now from Stand Out.net! Posted by for Stand Out.

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