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Franklin and Marshall Clothing – The Birth of ‘The Posh Hoodie’

The days when hoodies were reserved for street gangs only, are gone, and since the birth of ‘the posh hoodie’, inspired by Franklin and Marshall clothing, there’s nothing sexier than a man in a hooded top.

Women love men in hoodies. Brands such as Franklin and Marshall Clothing have turned the once hoodlum-styled hooded top into something… rather posh. Ooo-er!

So how did ‘the posh hoodie’ come of age? Did retailers just up their prices (certainly not!) or did the brands behind the retailers do something spectacular and reshape the fashion world forever? The truth is the latter. Influential ranges such as Franklin and Marshall clothing have shone a brand new light on the notoriously bad hooded top, making it a little more angelic than before.

Franklin & Marshall

Now the posh kids are sporting hoodies and that’s what we like about fashion. Things are always changing…

Franklin and Marshall Clothing is an Italian range inspired by the American Vintage College Spirit. The F&M College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania is a liberal arts college and the designer brand aims to bring back the preppy student look. Could this be where the hoodie made its return? Collections such as UCLA and Franklin and Marshall Clothing have made a positive association between higher education and hooded tops, and this could be the reason behind such a popular fashion homecoming. Just like a pair of good quality designer jeans, hoodies have now become a staple item in anybody’s wardrobe, regardless of age, gender or occupation.

Hoodies personify comfort, style, Sundays, relaxing, shopping, a few quiet pints on a Saturday afternoon, watching TV in bed, fashion, and all four seasons of the year. The hooded top has evolved into ‘the posh hoodie’ and you will find a stylish selection with Franklin and Marshall clothing.

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