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Franklin and Marshall Make Frat Boys Chic

There has always been something appealing about the all-American guy in his school jacket and jeans.  Franklin and Marshall has taken that appeal and magnified it with their line of clothing inspired by the college.  Franklin and Marshall College, which was founded by Benjamin Franklin, seems like the perfect inspiration for the fashion of college students everywhere… as well as those who wish they were in college. Make no mistake, though; these designs are comfortable and stylish for guys of all ages.

Franklin and Marshall

The line is simple and classic, which means it doesn’t change much from year to year. That means your clothes will never look “last season” when you pull them out of the closet. The hoodies, t-shirts, and polo shirts all carry the recognizable Franklin and Marshall name, and the jeans and shorts are the perfect compliment to any of the shirts in the line. The large block letters call to mind days of pep rallies and late nights studying, while the fabrics just make you think of comfort. You can also find letterman style jackets and heavy sweaters for the cold winter months, and a few accessories are often available to really complete your look. Belts, socks, and sometimes hats are the perfect finish to your college inspired styles.

As always, it’s a great idea to mix things up, and that’s why it’s so great to have such an extensive collection of simple and timeless clothes. Every one of the pieces in the line can be paired seamlessly with several other brands of jeans, shirts, shoes, and accessories. Just one perfect shirt or sweater selection could broaden your wardrobe more than you ever thought possible. When you really want to shop, then it takes no time at all to really build a great wardrobe with brands that work well together. Posted by for Stand Out.

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