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Franklin and Marshall Mean Fun

There is nothing more fun than the times spent in college, and Franklin and Marshall really seems to understand this. Though the company is based in Verona, Italy, there is a distinct American flavor to every item in the fashion line. This is because the founders of Franklin and Marshall actually devised the whole clothing range around a sweatshirt they found with the Franklin and Marshall college logo. Everything that comes from this distinctive brand has that flavor that incites memories of pep rallies, late nights studying, and raucous fraternity parties.

Franklin and Marshall

The company logo is easily recognized on nearly everything the line produces, from t-shirts to sandals.  Just as you might expect from college clothing, most are designed to give comfort and room to move. These are excellent choices for athletic activities, but you can also get away with wearing them to the beach or the mall. In fact, there are a few pieces you could wear for slightly more formal things, such as a date with that special someone.

Everything in the line is so painstakingly designed that many will believe you’re wearing true college fashions, but closer inspection will show the quality, the free spirit, and the fun that this clothing house embodies. It will never be hard to be yourself when you’re wearing a hoodie or a pair of shorts from Franklin and Marshall, but you can still exude a sense of style wherever you are. It is fortunate that these casual looks can blend well with anything in your closet. You can select some of your favorite t-shirts and hoodies, or you might even like the sweaters that make it easier to dress up your look a little bit. The end result will be a well-rounded wardrobe that you can feel comfortable wearing throughout the year. Posted by for Stand Out.

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