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Franklin and Marshall – Next Stop, Japan!

Tokyo is the city that fully embraces the people’s love of vintage fashion, so where else would be more ideal for the 100 square metre Franklin and Marshall store?

I love vintage. Franklin and Marshall love vintage. And the Japanese just can’t get enough of it. So it’s no surprise that the next stop for the Franklin and Marshall brand is no other than the capital of Japan – the fast-paced, the eccentric and the amorous city of Tokyo. Robotic yet romantic, futuristic yet old fashioned, this capital is a place that fully embodies the old-school college style of Franklin and Marshall clothing.

Franklin & Marshall

East Meets West

Franklin and Marshall was been inspired by the old style college-wear that can be seen in American fashion. The streets of this colourful Japanese location have been described, by the brains behind the Franklin and Marshall brand, as ‘an incredible laboratory of young fashion.’ And a laboratory is it – experiments, crazy mixtures, and a lot of trial and error. Japan’s not afraid to try new concepts and ideas. Isn’t that makes fashion, fashion?

The brand new store is located in Omotesando, labelled the latest “brand street” of the metropolis in the Harajuku district. The shop floor spreads over 100 square metres and exudes warmth and creativity as soon as you walk in. If you’re planning a trip to Japan (lucky you), the new Franklin & Marshall store can be found at the following address: 3-8-18 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Sushi, karaoke, and all-you-can-buy Franklin and Marshall – time to look for cheap flights… Posted by for Stand Out.

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