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Franklin & Marshall Sweatshirts Still Rule OK

We’re really excited about the new AW10 collection from Franklin & Marshall heading towards us at a supersonic speed. We’re hoping there are some real gems to find in it this year, and Franklin & Marshall rarely disappoint us!

There’s one item of clothing that everyone, that is EVERYONE, has in their wardrobe whether you wear them on a daily basis or just down the gym, and that’s the sweatshirt. Franklin & Marshall rule the sweatshirt design stakes every year with the classic vintage logo splashed in large bold type right across the front. You’ll easily recognise a Franklin and Marshall top anywhere you go.

Franklin and Marshall

Here at Stand Out.net we’ve noticed that every time someone wears a new sweatshirt the printed design comes under close scrutiny. Apart from t shirts, sweatshirts seem to be one of the most used items of clothing for slogans, logos, messages and images relating to particular cultures, personal thoughts, music–related sub cultures to be displayed on. We think this is because it’s easy to print onto nice plain material, but also because a sweatshirt is such a mainstay of everyone’s wardrobes, all year round.  Of course, when it comes to sport a sweatshirt is ideal, not just to keep you warm between sessions, or matches, but to shout about which team you support. It’s a popular way to create a smart, recognisable uniform, cheaply for any kind of group or team. Being part of a club or group, or to proclaim your association with a certain style of music is something everyone can identify with and it’s the same theory for Franklin & Marshall sweatshirts. Be part of the vintage gang and get yourself dressed in a Franklin & Marshall sweatshirt this winter.

Give us a call on 0844 884 9618, email us on sales@stand-out.net, or order your Franklin & Marshall men’s clothes direct from our website now at: https://www.stand-out.net. Posted by for Stand Out.

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