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G-Star – The Stars of Denim

A Dutch brand founded in 1989, G-Star has made a name for itself making ‘raw’ (unwashed and untreated) denim. Taking a lot of inspiration from military clothing they keep their styles pretty rough and rudimentary.

With denim being the main focus, G-Star Raw have been responsible for many denim ‘firsts’. For example they introduced luxury denim for the street – bringing untreated denim onto the high street as a desirable item and also using a variety of different washes on the denim to create original and distinctive looks.

They are also a very environmentally conscious brand and their latest venture has seen them partnering up with Pharrell Williams to turn scrap, waste plastic from the oceans into a range of awesome street clothing including jackets, t-shirts, jumpsuits, jeans and snapbacks.  The photo below is Pharrell showing off a few items from the range. You can follow the campaign by searching RAWfortheoceans.


If you are after a new pair of darker denims the Indigo Arc Aged 3D slim jeans could be just what need. The 3D range of jeans is another innovation in denim wearing from G-Star. They are architecturally inspired and taper around the leg to give a more streamlined appearance.


For lighter, more washed out looking denim wearers there is also tons to choose from. These Medium Aged 3301 Low Tapered Jeans are, again, that modern tapered shape and add a bit of edge to your look whilst also being smart enough to wear with a nice pair of polished shoes.


Keeping in with G-Star’s military theme this cool G-Star Sulphur Camo Jacket is a great addition to any outfit. An ideal companion to a light pair of washed jeans, a modern camo jacket will inject some interest into your off duty wardrobe!


For denim in all of it’s glory click here for the full G-Star Raw collection.


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