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What to wear to the Glastonbury Festival 2016? Read this!

If you’ve been lucky enough to get tickets to the Glastonbury Festival 2016 in June to rock out with the best artists, musicians and performers in music, you’ll need to be thinking about the clothes, jackets, vests, backpacks and trainers you’ll need to take with you to the fields.

Festivals can be trendy places, celebrating both music and fashion.  Unlike the girls, the key to successful festival fashion for guys is to not make it look like you’ve tried too hard, but it can also be a time be more creative and bold than normal in your fashion choices. Whether this is your first time or you are a veteran on the festival circuit, here are a few of the fundamentals we think you’ll need:


Let’s start with the basics – t-shirts and vests.  A loose fitting top or vest can be your best friend at a festival; after all, things can get pretty sweaty in those tents. Events like these are the perfect opportunity to break out the patterns and colours i.e. lots of graphic, lots of colour, lots of fun.  This Criminal Damage Fusion T-Shirt is exactly that!  Or if you are looking for something to let those arms breath we have loads of cool vests – as colourful, patterned or plain as you like for the days spent dancing in front of the stage.

Hilfiger Denim Regatta Vest

Hilfiger Denim Regatta Vest

Now you will definitely need something to keep you warm, whether that’s a nice thick hoodie, a jacket, or both.  The Bench Forge Hooded Jacket will keep you protected from the elements plus make it easy for your friends to spot you in the crowd! The 55DSL Black Jextend Jacket is highly practical for a festival as it features a central zip to open up and extend the it’s length which is great if you get caught in the rain or if you’re enjoying a drink on the grass.

bench forge hooded jacket

The Bench Forge Hooded Jacket

In case it gets muddy or hot, shorts are probably your best option (or if it’s cold try chinos and you could always roll them up if it heats up) The Bellfield Phlox Chino Shorts are perfect for a festival, trendy yet practical and come in a choice of four different colours.

If you want a smarter, preppie look you may want to go for a patterned shirt teemed with a blazer.  Add a fedora to that outfit and people will be mistaking you for a member of the band!


The nature of music festivals means things can easily become lost and/or damaged.  Why not keep everything safe and all together in a trusty backpack, which is also a stylish accessory in it’s own right.  Plus it saves you from keeping everything in your pockets, which have the potential to empty themselves when you are bouncing around!

spiral bird backpack

Spiral Bird Backpack

Sunglasses are an essential, you don’t want to miss out on seeing your favourite band because you are squinting into the sun, plus after a few days of partying and not a lot of sleep you will be thankful to have something to hide those tired eyes! You can’t go wrong with a pair of classic Bellfield Wayfarer shades.

Also, whether it’s for fashion, for hiding that messy, unwashed hair or to keep the sun off your face, caps and hats are a very useful accessory to have handy.


Good footwear choices are imperative if you want the best festival experience.  Now we all know how renowned Glastonbury is for it’s mud, so you might want to consider taking some old wellies with you, or you never know, you might be lucky enough to just get away with flip flops.  We also recommend a stylish, yet comfortable pair of trainers or plimsolls to protect your feet as you are going to be standing on them all day. The Lacoste Ampthill LCR3 SPM Trainers are super comfortable and made from leather so you can easily wipe all that mud off with a damp cloth!

Lacoste Ampthill OXR SPM Trainers

Looking for something a little different? Check out all our leather black trainers or choose from Converse, Vans, Lacoste and K-Swiss.

Fingers crossed for some sun oh and don’t forget the baby wipes!

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