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Get a Gio Goi T Shirt: Be the Gio Goi Face of Facebook!

Get your Gio Goi t shirt on, put that wax in your hair, log into everyone’s favourite social media network and let’s see your best male model look…

Don’t overdo it though. Nobody likes a poser. But we do love Facebook, so log on and check out the competition. You’ll need to see what you’re up against if you want to win Gio Goi Face of Facebook. So I guess, the question is: to pose or not to pose?

Social media has opened up a whole new world for us to interact with one another. Myspace, Bebo, Facebook, Habbo… it was never enough though was it? A bunch of people you went to school with (who you barely spoke to) being able to see your ugly mug – nope, you want more. You want everyone to see you, and you want them to see you looking hot in your Gio Goi t shirt. But we’re not complaining. That’s exactly what the famous FB is all about. We’re all a bunch of show offs really. We all flex in the mirror when no-one’s looking… don’t we?

Gio Goi

If you have a Gio Goi t shirt, throw it on and get your wife/girlfriend/mum to take a snapshot of you. Or if you’re a true poser, why don’t you take a picture of yourself FB style? February’s competition has already been a great success so now Gio Goi lovers are gearing up for the March 2010 comp. We really don’t want you to miss out so get that Gio Goi t shirt on ASAP! You could win yourself £50 to spend, but who cares about that part? Surely, you just want your entire FB friend count to see you looking victoriously smug as the official Gio Goi face? Joel Shields won the round in February, but March is a new month, so get snapping people.

Shop online today and get yourself a brand new Gio Goi t shirt, hoodie, jacket or polo shirt. And of course, I was kind of kidding about the posing – Feb’s winner Joel Shields was just chilling in his local nightclub rather than flexing in front of his bathroom mirror. But I’m not going to tell you how to take your pics. We’re just here to supply the t shirts. Posted by for Stand Out.

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