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Get Freshman Style Right with UCLA Clothing

Some of you may well be about to start uni (eeeeeeekkk!) so we thought it apt to tell you about the university clothing brand UCLA. For those not quite in the know, UCLA stands for the University of California. UCLA sort of epitomises what we think about when someone says ‘USA college’. They have a very rich sports history background, populated (we imagine) by countless beautiful people, and is set against the gorgeous California sun and sea. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? That idealisation has made UCLA a pretty distinctive brand with a big following and they are now probably the worlds most famous college brand.  They’ve really nailed that aspirational California lifestyle by blending collegiate heritage, LA street style & sporting achievement together.With a sporting heritage definitely worth bragging about it is no surprise that they have put their stamp on athletic clothing – namely t-shirts, hoodies and sweats.

Stand-Out has some new season UCLA arrivals in time for the new term, so feast your eyes on these! Firstly, feel like part of the team in  a classic, simple UCLA t-shirt, the Powell shirt – nice and simple with the recognisable logo stamped on the front. You can’t go wrong really!

ucla tshirt

We couldn’t talk about UCLA without putting in some baseball threads. This is the Grey Marl Morrilton Baseball Jacket. It features a swan neck, poppers up the front and the branding stamped on the chest.  The baseball jersey below is the Harmon Baseball Jersey and has the classic baseball style fastening at the front and is soft to the touch!

17564a (1)


You‘ll notice that UCLA use a lot of blue and gold on their clothing.  The blue represents the ocean and California’s 840 mile long coastline and the gold represents the California Gold Rush in the 1840’s and 1850’s (and also the infamous California sunshine). For those of you who don’t know, the colour red is affiliated with UCLA’s biggest rival, USC (The University of Southern California) which is why you don’t tend to see too much red in their collections.

Lastly, you’ll need some joggers for all the time you spend running track (…or sitting around the house).  The Hayward joggers are classic, comfy and affordable.


So if you want to look like you’ve spent the best years of your life at a sun soaked American college, you know that UCLA are here to help!


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