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Get the Alumni look with Franklin from GTA

When you graduate from the University of Life and are on the cusp of a glittering criminal career like Franklin from Grand Theft Auto, there is no reason why you cannot choose to wear clothes designed for some of the most renowned colleges in America.  Franklin and Marshall and UCLA are both highly rated fashion ranges that have been designed to represent the dress sense of the Alumni of both colleges.

Shopping in Los Santos

If you have had the opportunity to play GTA V you will have discovered that the game gives you the opportunity to dress each of your characters in the various stores available in the city.  In many screen shots of Franklin we can see him wearing a leather Alumni jacket and baseball cap.  If you would like to emulate Franklin’s Alumni look, then here is a selection of Franklin and Marshall and UCLA clothing that may appeal to you.

Franklin & Marshall Blue Plaid Varsity Teddy Leather Jacket

This varsity jacket not only includes the name, ‘Franklin’, in its brand Franklin and Marshall, the contrasting blue and white leather design gives the impression of someone who knows about quality and style.  Franklin can be seen wearing this type of jacket when the weather is slightly cooler and he is in the process of relieving the owners of open topped cars of their vehicles.


UCLA Surf the Web Vang Script Snapback Cap

With the hot Los Santos sun beating on your head when you are out in the open it is prudent to wear a cap that will protect your scalp and face from the effects of the sun.  A UCLA alumni baseball cap not only looks smart but also offers protection from the sun.


Franklin & Marshall Grey Melange V-Neck Badge T-Shirt

This grey t-shirt is understated but exhibits confidence and great dress sense, its close fitting style means that you can show off the toned contours of your body making every hour spent in the gym worthwhile.  This effortless design worn under the Franklin and Marshall Teddy Jacket would really complete the Alumni look.

t shirt

Diesel Blue Darron 8Z8 Slim Tapered Jeans

A pair of Diesel jeans will always compliment any look and is a fantastic choice to wear with your Alumni gear.  They are not only comfortable and well fitting; they are also beautifully designed and a must for everyone’s wardrobe.  Teamed with a Diesel belt they can make you look like a first class Alumni.


New Balance Grey/Navy 620 Trainers

To completing your Alumni look with a pair of trainers that serve two purposes, style and speed, will ensure that when you are on the run you will always look fantastic.  This pair of grey/navy trainers will coordinate with the rest of your Alumni outfit and still give you an edge that reveals a slightly darker and cunning side to your nature.



If our suggestions have made you curious about the Alumni look, visit Stand-Out to have a look at our complete range.

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