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Get The Look This Summer With A Lightweight Jacket

When the sun is blaring down and your skin is getting visibly tanned (or redder in some cases) you can get away with wearing; vests, t-shirts and short sleeved shirts without feeling the inkling of a chill.  Unfortunately these heady days of vibrant sunshine can be quite rare, requiring you to choose your threads wisely.  Investing in a lightweight summer jacket allows you to wear your favourite t-shirt in all temperature combinations and still look amazing.  There are a wide range of jackets available to match any particular image you wish to project.  If you have a particularly large wardrobe and a healthy bank balance you could even stretch to buying more than one jacket this season.

Lightweight jackets are great for layering and can be worn with a cosy roll neck top and shirt to warm you up without having to wear a heavy winter coat.  Some lightweight jackets can also be worn with a gillet on the outside, increasing its warmth by a considerable amount.  A slightly formal lightweight jacket is very useful if you are going out in the evening or having Sunday Lunch with your folks.  If you are renowned for being scruffy, the addition of any one of these jackets to your wardrobe will instantly spruce you up.

At Stand-Out.Net we have a wide range of lightweight jackets for you to choose from, allowing you to look your best whatever the weather.  The jackets we have focused on in this article are from our, New Arrivals range and because they are full price items you can get a 15% reduction using discount code SUMMER15 for a limited time only.


The jackets featured in our group image are; G-Star Sham Bomber Jacket, Religion Phoenix Jacket, Levis The Trucker Denim Jacket, Foray Advance Zip Jacket, Duck and Cover Beagle Zip Jacket, Scotch and Soda Cotton Linen Washed Blazer, UCLA Seymour Reversible Logo Jacket, Hilfiger Denim Bobby Zip Jacket and the Franklin and Marshall Logo Sleeve Varsity Jacket.

Choosing a lightweight jacket requires you to consider how it will go with the whole of your wardrobe and whether you intend to wear it with shorts, chinos and combats rather than just with jeans.  Once your mates see how good you look in your lightweight jacket you will notice that they too will invest in a new jacket for the summer.


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