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Getting Ready For Autumn With BellField

As we come towards the end of August the weather gets a little clumsy and punctuates warm fine days with really chilly ones that seem too wintery for comfort.  Admittedly Summer 2015 has been one of many false starts and our flip flops and barbecues have only been out a fraction of the time they would normally be, but it has been warm and people have actually fainted in the heat.  Only when the seasons swing towards autumn do we start seeing smoke swirling from chimneys and we can see our breath in the cold atmosphere.  That is when it is time to start layering up and finding the right kind of gear to keep you warm on long romantic walks, at the football and various other outside events.

Our collection of Bellfield clothing definitely anticipates the permanent change in weather and will make sure that you are not left out in the cold.

Bellfield Nimrod Fur Hood Jacket

Without a doubt you will certainly feel snug and warm in this khaki, nylon jacket with polyester lining and padding.  The jacket is well ventilated and if you want a break from the fur you can remove it.  There are plenty of pockets for phones and cash.

Bellfield Sully Puffa Jacket

Puffa jackets definitely beef you up a bit and keep you warm and dry.  This navy puffa jacket is made from nylon with polyester lining and padding.  The classic wool collar can be removed if you wish and teamed with your favourite beany the evening walk to the pub will be a breeze.

Bellfield Harper Glitchy Jacquard Knit

This may be bordering on the, Love Actually’, or, ‘Bridget Jones’, type of attire but the fact that the patterned winter jumper keeps being redesigned year after year can only suggest that it may be your time to wear one. This mono-chromed designed knit only covers the top half of your body so is really a plain white jumper and a patterned jumper all in one.

Bellefield Lundrum Hooded Pu Jacket

This black polyurethane coated jacket has a look of leather about it and requires specialist cleaning.  The hood and long sleeves enables you to wear layers underneath and keep the rain at bay while still looking pretty cool.

If you are interested in seeing the whole of our Bellfield Autumn/Winter collection click on this link.

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