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Gio Goi Duffle Jackets – The Perfect Inbetweener

Oh, it’s that time of year again and your Mrs has been searching every single shop on the high street for a perfect winter coat that both your friends and her parents would approve of. Gio Goi duffle jackets are smart and casual all at the same time…

How very clever eh? If you need a coat that can do more than one thing (though, we can’t promise it will empty the dishwasher), Gio Goi duffle jackets can solve your winter dilemma. Just in time for Christmas too. Hint hint, nudge nudge.

Why is it that some people seem to have a jacket/coat/bodywarmer/gilet/shrug/poncho for every different occasion? Some people seem to have it all worked out. Clay pigeon shooting and drinks with the in-laws deserve different outerwear, right? Well, I suppose. But is there really a need to have a wardrobe dedicated to different jackets, with and without tassels, fitted, buttoned, and loose, of every single colour and style under the sun? Er……no. Gio Goi duffle jackets can turn your outerwear fashion show into a compact and manageable collection: Versatility personified.

As Gok Wan would say, “Less is more” and if you shop smart, you can get more outfits with less. It’s all about fashion efficiency. Get the best out of your coats by choosing something that works for more than one event. Gio Goi duffle jackets? Gok Wan would approve.

Gio Goi Jackets

Gio Goi Jackets: Smart, Casual and Everything Else In Between

What is a duffle coat for? Everything. If you’ve ever owned a duffle jacket, you will know just how much winter needs this superb garment. You can wear it with work attire, your casual weekend jeans, or on a night out with the lads (if you’re not man enough to go without, that is), and you can even wear it to dinner with the other half’s parents.  Shop for Gio Goi duffle jackets online… Posted by for Stand Out.

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