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Gio Goi Jackets are Vivienne’s Favourite

Did you know that good old Viv cited Gio Goi as an inspiration – Vivienne Westwood that is!

We all know that Vivienne Westwood is totally rock n roll. She was married to Malcolm McLaren of The Sex Pistols – that just says it all. Her designs have always been inspirational and different, or as someone in our office likes to say, “out there”.

Winter is breaching and things have changed in the StandOut office. We’ve all invested in swanky new laptops so we can snuggle up around the fire and toast marshmallows as we update our website with cool new clobber. Actually, we don’t have swanky new laptops. And we don’t even have a fire. We all crowd around the only portable heater that we own (not the best) – but you get the idea! So the bitter weather has got us thinking about jackets and other outerwear…

Gio Goi Jackets

Wrap up, But Do it in Style!

As Vivienne Westwood loves Gio Goi so much, we thought we’d take a look at our Gio Goi jackets and coats. We have a selection of styles, from sporty to biker, and casual to smart. We update our product collection on a regular basis so keep checking in for stylish winter warmers. There’s nothing more enjoyable than wrapping up for Christmas markets, craft fairs and a spot of jolly old Xmas shopping. But seriously, let’s do it in style. Just because it’s snowing, doesn’t mean you can slack off on the fashion front!

Gio Goi Jackets

The brand emerged from the dance revolution which swept over Britain in the 80s and 90s. Today, it is a part of our every day lives – in music, in the media and on high fashion websites (like ours of course!) So why choose Gio Goi jackets this winter? Because the brand was voted ‘Best Selling Label’ by The Face Magazine, and is also one of Viv’s faves! Need we say more? Posted by for Stand Out.

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