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Gola Bags: As Seen on Evangeline Lilly

Lost TV star, Evangeline Lilly, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and lusted-after women to have graced the screen. We’re sure you agree, and for men who love Gola bags, you can now love Gola bags even more.

Evangeline was spotted with her very own Gola bag, so if you’re a Gola fan, you may have found something in common with our Lost actress – and here at Standout, we’re proud to have one of the biggest and latest Gola bags collections across the web. If you are looking for bright, bold and funky Gola bags, shop online today.

The striking Lost actress is known for her relaxed yet current style. She dresses casually and this gives her an ‘effortless’ look on and off camera. She has been known to tell journalists and interviewers that she likes a metro-sexual man, someone who’s in touch with their feminine style, and no doubt, that means someone who understands fashion. If you’re a man of fashion, and you love Gola like Evangeline does, why not treat yourself to something from our Gola bags range? It probably won’t put you on Evangeline’s radar, but you’ll be one step closer!

Gola Bags

Having recently collaborated with British designers at Tado, the Gola brand took their bright, animated designs to a whole new level, so keep checking in on our Gola bags range to see what’s new. We have a range of different Gola bags, from vintage designs to the classic designs. If you’re really in touch with your feminine side, maybe you’d like the Gola Redford Dispatch bag in Pink/White…

Whatever your taste in colour (or women), Gola bags have something to add to your Autumn/Winter wardrobe. Posted by for Stand Out.

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