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Happy Socks Rock


Let’s face it if your feet are cold the rest of your body feels chilly and you just feel plain miserable.  In 2008 two Swedish friends decided that it would be a great idea to spread happiness by brightening up the design of socks and other everyday essentials. The brand Happy Socks was born and many have enjoyed wearing their brightly coloured footwear ever since.  At Stand-Out.Net we also want to bring happiness to everyone’s feet especially at this jolly time of year.

Happy Socks come in many different colours, patterns and styles including; animal print, dots, stripes, diamonds and monochrome.  If your sock drawer is looking a little bit dull and is full of odd socks maybe you should consider livening it up with a whole new collection of Happy Socks.  If you are finding it difficult to think of what to buy your father, brother, uncle or best mate this Christmas a bright pair of Happy Socks would certainly cheer them up.

Animal Print and Argyle Happy Socks

 socks 1


Animal prints and Argyle patterns have never been so bright and vivid.  You can see for yourself how bright and exciting the blue Animal Print Socks are and how they make you feel instantly happy and jolly. If you are more traditional then this bright twist to the Argyle pattern will definitely make you smile.

Happy Socks Dots And Diamonds

socks 2


Without a doubt dots and diamonds are really popular and there is nothing like brightening up a boring workday with colour.

Happy Socks Multi packs and Stripes

socks 3 

If you can’t decide what style of socks to wear then a Happy Socks multi pack will solve your problem if not just opt for safe Stripy Happy Socks in a variety of colours.

Happy Socks Hawaiian and Leopard Print 

socks 5


If you would rather add an interesting twist to black, white and grey socks you could opt for the Hawaii and Leopard print Happy Socks.

Whether dots, stripes, Argyle, flowers, diamonds or monochrome socks make you smile come to Stand-Out.Net to see our full range of Happy Socks.

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