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Havaianas – Isn’t it time you had a Brazilian… pair of flip flops?

Flip flops are an essential feature of and man’s wardrobe. They are comfortable, they let your feet breathe and the good ones look great with a stylish outfit. For the leading flip flops worldwide you should probably invest in some Brazilian footwear, in the form of Havaianas.

The Havaianas label has been around since 1962 when the company was formed in Brazil, and it has survived largely thanks to how comfortable their stylish flip flops are. Havaianas puts this down to a secret rubber formula that they couldn’t tell you without having to kill you – so it’s probably best to just enjoy the comfort and keep quiet.


Havaianas are available in a great range of colours too, so there will be a pair to go with practically every outfit. Check out the range at Stand Out.net today and buy online. Posted by for Stand Out.

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