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Henleys Jackets – Who is Peter?

The very first Henleys jacket to be featured in genuine leather has been named after someone called Peter…

“Who is Peter?” we hear you say. We’re not really sure either. All we know is that the Peters Limited Edition Leather Jacket is possibly one of the nicest leather jackets we’ve ever seen. But that’s no surprise to us here because our entire Henleys collection is pretty awesome.

So we’ve decided that it doesn’t really matter who this bloke is. Peter is a nice name though, don’t you think? The brand new Premium range has in fact quite a few Henleys jackets that are named after (possible) men’s names – such as Hellraiser or Solveig. Or even Shizzla? Admittedly, no-one in the StandOut office has ever met anyone that we would refer to as Shizzla. Nope, we’ve all checked our mobile phones and there doesn’t seem to be anyone under that name.

Henleys Jackets

Henleys Jackets – Does the Name Really Matter?

So, this really got us thinking; is there a correlation between product names and the way we shop for our fashion clothing? Would we look the other way if perhaps, a Henleys jacket had been named ‘Gertrude’ or ‘Margaret’? Obviously if you were sporting a Henleys jacket called ‘Dorothy’ you’re not going to feel at your most trendy…

Either way, we have a wide range of Henleys jackets and coats that are all christened with slightly cooler names – so that’s one less thing to worry about. You just trouble yourself about which one to get, because quite frankly, our website is full of the best stuff. Why do you think they call us StandOut?

We’re not too sure what the process is behind the naming of Henleys garments. It could be a very deep and well-thought out process with a world of meaning behind every stitch. Or it could be a quick and painless first-thing-that-pops-to-your-head kind of job. Whatever the case may be, get yourself wrapped up this winter in a stylish Henleys jacket. Posted by for Stand Out.

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