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Henleys Jeans: Fishy Business

Trout, Steak, Cod Resin – something you see in your local chippy, but also the names of Henleys jeans!

Here at StandOut HQ, we’re back on the name debate again. So let’s quickly walk over this and move on. Yes, we’ve acknowledged that some Henleys jeans appear to be named after certain species of sealife. Our buying department has a right old giggle every time they start their seasonal browse of trade catalogues (what an easy life!). But Henleys jeans have a lot more to them than just fishy innuendos…

Henleys, Jeans for Life

Don’t know about you, but most of us here are pretty strict with denim control. We don’t take any old rubbish. Why? Because a good pair of jeans is supposed to become your best friend, your second skin, the one pair you can always rely on when all else fails. We believe that if you find a good pair of jeans, you can get by without having to shop for denim for a very long time! But of course, we’re fashionistas in the cool crowd, so our wardrobes speak differently – one pair for every day of the week. We love Henleys jeans, Voi jeans, Mish Mash, Wrangler and good old Calvin Kleins.

Henleys Jeans

We choose Henleys jeans and clothing because we like to think that our customers buy things that last. StandOut likes to stand up against throwaway fashion, because we’ve all been there – seams falling apart in the washing machine? Yep, don’t be afraid to admit that you’ve cut fashion corners during desperate times. We all have! But we all learn our lesson.

The Henleys Jeans Philosophy

Did you know that the creators behind your favourite pair of Henleys jeans are descendants of Plato, Aristotle and Socrates? Okay, not quite. But the Henleys brand does carry a strong philosophy of its own: The Henleys philosophy defines luxury in every garment, pioneering new trends, pushing a passion for innovation and a desire for unrivalled quality. If you live a devilishly luxurious lifestyle, you no longer need to feel guilty. We love the luxury of Henleys jeans and we say, “let the devil come out to play.”

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