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Henleys Jeans: Let’s Get Meaty

Back in November, we discussed the fishy business going on with Henleys jeans and now in 2010 we’re back for round 2, except this time it’s all about the red meat.

That’s right, not only do Henleys jeans get named after several species of fish, but they have now entered into the meat business. You will now be able to own a pair of steak-inspired Henleys jeans – from t-bone, sirloin, loin and topside (all variations of the nation’s favourite dinner table dish) to the very simple matter-of-factly named ‘steak’, you sure will have a very uniquely named pair of denims. Steak flavoured denims – what more do you want?

If it’s not fish, it’s meat, and a very random pair of Henleys jeans called ‘Simon’. But who on earth is Simon? We’re not sure either to be honest but as far as our general knowledge will stretch, we don’t think it’s a type of steak or fish. You can even find a pair of Henleys jeans called ‘Cross’, as in cross steak – and we don’t mean angry. If you know your meats, you’ll know it to be cross rib steak, a very flavoursome rival of the ribeye. So it’s all getting very meaty in the Henleys headquarters.

So what’s next on the menu for Henleys? Jeans named after vegetables? Can you imagine owning pair of ‘Garden Peas Henleys jeans?’ You may be laughing now, but names such as ‘Parsnip’ and ‘Sweet Potato’ are very probable possibilities. We’re already stocking a pair of Henley ‘Grocer’ jeans so we’re well aware of their grocery store orientations. Perhaps their local Sainsbury’s is their hub of inspiration.

This extremely British designer brand exudes Northern style, descending from Manchester. While Henleys clothing was created to bring out our more rebellious side, they have also assigned the local supermarket as their design muse – which is not so rebellious. Hmm… contradictory or just quirky? None the less, Henleys jeans are a British favourite. So shop online with us today. Posted by for Stand Out.

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