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Henleys Jeans – The Carrot Fit

If you’re a fan of the StandOut blogs (which of course you are), you’ll know that Henleys Jeans are famed for their association with meat and fish – now I’d like to introduce you to the Henleys Grocer Jeans, in ‘carrot fit’.

Henleys jeans are creatively named after our favourite steaks and seafood, and I always knew that the day would come when vegetables got involved. But apparently, this day came a long time ago – we just never managed to put 2 and 2 together! The Henleys Grocer Jeans, just like our other Henleys jeans and clothing, have been a favourite on the StandOut website, and is ever popular with all StandOut shoppers. Very recently, somebody enquired about ‘carrot fit’ denim – and then the dormant light bulb came on.

The carrot fit Henleys jeans, quite appropriately named Grocer, are much more than just the jeans you’d wear for your weekend grocery shopping. Carrot fit is one of the biggest shapes of 2010, and a perfect compromise between skinny and loose fit. Comfortably baggy at the top and tapered at the ankle, this style give so much depth and shape to your body, and is already a highly popular cut for this year. They can add length where there isn’t any, and a bit of volume where you are lacking. If you are looking for the perfect pair of carrot fit denims, shop online in our Henleys jeans section.

Henleys Jeans

We have been proudly stocking Henleys jeans, t shirts, hoodies, knitwear and accessories for a long time, and we would love you to check out the Grocer jeans for that up-to-the-minute carrot fit style. The Grocer Henleys jeans feature knee patches with a worn effect, branding on front pockets, a synch back detail, and sophisticated dark blue denim.

So who suits this kind of shape? The loose fitting top combined with the tapered ankle can give the illusion of height and length. So short men, start an orderly queue now. The Grocer Henleys jeans are in stock (and on sale, shhh!)

Carrot fit jeans are huge for 2010 and will continue to be popular in 2011. Shop at StandOut.Net for Henleys jean, Henleys t-shirts, Henleys hoodies, knitwear, accessories and more… Posted by for Stand Out.

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