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Holiday Essentials You Can’t Go Without

It’s that time again. The time we have all been waiting for. 365 long days have passed since you last had the pleasure of turning on the ‘Automatic Email Response’ feature on your work computer and you are salivating at the thought of turning it back on again. Holiday season is here.

Flights? Check. Hotel? Check. Passport? Check. Transfers? Check. Suitcases packed?

If like me, and 98% of men around the globe, your suitcases have not been packed and despite promising yourself last year that you would be more organised and not find yourself in this position again, here we are facing the race against time to fill your suitcase.

Whether it’s a cheeky trip away with the lads or some fun in the sun with the Mrs it is more important than ever to look your very best, so here are our holiday essentials you just cannot go without.

Sunglasses are often the most common holiday essential that is left behind but invariably one of the most important. Leaving this piece of equipment at home can only force you into purchasing some sub standard “Ray Berries” from a less than trustworthy vendor down at the beach. Pack these in advance to avoid any disappointment.

Ray-Ban Tortoise/Gold Injected Sunglasses – £124.95

Ray-Ban Tortoise/Gold Injected Sunglasses

Tortoise shell frames are extremely popular at the minute and we can certainly see why. We can already feel the Mexican sun beating down on us through the sepia tone lenses!

Oakley Matte Black/Prizm Ruby Latch Sunglasses – £99.95

Oakley Matte Black/Prizm Ruby Latch Sunglasses

California beach dreamin? These sunglasses are the perfect choice for a day at the beach.

Swimming Shorts
The last thing you want is to be splashing around the pool in a pair of boxers. Swimming shorts are quickly becoming more than just something to swim in; they are now seen as a key fashion piece and something you should match well with your outfit choices.

Calvin Klein Black Vertical Stripe Logo Swimshorts – £27.95

Calvin Klein Black Vertical Stripe Logo Swimshorts

Classic Calvins that can never go wrong. This pair of swimming shorts also feature technology that repels water whilst keeping you dry. Not only are they visually appealing, but extremely practical too.

Gant Navy Sailor Classic Striped Swim Shorts – £54.95

Gant Navy Sailor Classic Striped Swim Shorts

Nautical stripes have gained popularity once again and we are seeing a number of designers use them. We love this pair from Gant. Team these with a classic white tee for a stylish, relaxed look this summer.

Flip Flops
The key question here is; slider or thong? The sports slider has become a favourite over the last 2 years and we see no signs of that changing, however, a good thong style flip flop is never far behind.

Lacoste Navy L.30 Slide Sport Spm Logo Flip Flops – £34.95

Lacoste Navy L.30 Slide Sport Spm Logo Flip Flops

You have the nautical striped Gant shorts (above). The classic white tee. Now all you need are the perfect flip-flops to finish it all off. These sliders from Lacoste are exceptionally comfortable without compromising any of their class.

Havaianas Black Brasil Logo Flip Flops – £15.95

Havaianas Black Brasil Logo Flip Flops

Decisions, decisions. The all-time classic Havaianas. These flip flops look great on the beach and just as worthy for evening wear and even better, the Black Brasil Logo Havaianas are currently a steal at just £15.95.

Now that you have a few holiday essentials to help you on your way – get packing that case! Happy holidays!

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