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Hot Fenchurch Jackets, to be Worn in Hot Places…

Now when we say ‘hot’, we don’t mean the climate. We’re talking about the hottest places, as in the coolest places!

Not that we’re trying to confuse anyone here, but the hottest places to be are reserved for the cool kids only. Consider yourself to be a bit cool? A little bit trendy? Fenchurch jackets come from a family unlike any other – it’s not the traditional family unit with 2.5 children and dinner on the table by 6pm. The Fenchurch brand was created from a family of skater kids who wanted to offer designs that skaters could identify with.

The result of some late night sessions from these cool kids back in 2000 has resulted in a funky brand with an array of modern subcultures spiralling out from their stylish range. If you love Fenchurch jackets, we deduct that you are probably pretty darn funky. So here are some of the hottest places in Europe, loved by the brains behind the brand…

  • 1900 Bar, Grenoble – this French watering hole is just like its owner. Fab. That being the owner’s name (yes, Fab!), the bar has inherited his big character! A great friend of Fenchurch and a superb little social location if you ever happen to be in France…
  • Mint Lounge, Manchester – once a famous burlesque bar, it has now evolved into one of the hippest places to sip on Martinis and JDs in Manchester. The guys at Mint say, “Mint is a unique place, where each night takes on its own flavour.” The guys at Fenchurch seem to agree, so it’s worth popping in.
  • The Players, London – held on Tuesday nights, this clubbing philosophy is a ‘we-don’t-care-it’s-a-school-night’ attitude. What better place to be seen wearing our Fenchurch jackets?

Give these places a visit… but first shop online with us for the latest Fenchurch jackets! Posted by for Stand Out.

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