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How Chicken Feet Inspired The Innovative Design Of New Balance Trainers


Described by Karen Key in the Observer, as the, ‘world’s great egalitarian footwear’, in her article about an exhibition of 40 iconic trainers were displayed in Covent Garden Piazza in an exhibition aptly named, ‘Sneaking into Fashion’.  Tory Turk the curator of the exhibition described his carefully chosen selection as one that, ‘tells the story of the development of trainers from simple generic plimsoll to fashion staple; a cornerstone of popular culture, sport and style.’  So whether you wear your trainers to run the London Marathon or to go to the supermarket you are wearing an iconic piece of footwear.

New Balance and Chicken Feet

Trainers have developed from a very simple design that enabled the wearer to enjoy the freedom comfortable footwear gives you.  Now of course trainers have been scientifically designed so that they optimise your running performance.  Technical development of trainers is by no means a new idea and the inspiration behind the technology can be somewhat surprising.  In 1906 William J Riley, a 33 year old Englishman, set up his, ‘New balance Arch Support Company’, in Boston.  The company initially manufactured arch supports to improve shoe fit in the Boston area.  His unique selling point was the concept of three support points in the insole, this was a concept inspired by the way that a chicken’s three clawed foot results in perfect balance.  He used to have chicken feet on his desk so that he could demonstrate his concept to prospective customers.  The name New Balance was inspired by observations of chickens running about in the yard.  The company expanded in many ways from its humble beginnings and in 1960 Riley’s daughter and husband bought the company and manufactured the ‘Trackster’, which was the world’s first running shoe with a ripple sole.  Now of course New Balance trainers are manufactured in the UK and USA and are very popular throughout the world.


New Balance at StandOut.Net

All New Balance trainers are identified by a number rather than a name simply because they are made in different width and support fittings to cater for everyone’s needs.  Not only can you choose your trainers to fit your feet you can also select a pair to coordinate with your clothes and individual style each style family, such as the 373, comes in different colours and designs.

New Balance 373 Family

373 family

This collection is described as being a classic sneaker with a retro design that makes it look like you have been wearing these trainers for a long time.  Of course they have been manufactured with the most up to date technology resulting in the best of both worlds – style and performance.

New Balance 410 Family

410 family

These low level running shoes are inspired by the US track and field running teams of the 1980’s.  The design is flexible and promoting amazing freedom of movement.

New Balance 574 Family

574 family

Described as a retro running shoe that simply looks good and feels fantastic you cannot go far wrong in choosing your next running shoe from the 574 range.


If you would like to browse Stand-Out.Net’s full range of New Balance trainers you are very welcome to explore  our New Balance selection.



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