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How Diesel Denim is taking Venice by Storm!

On the 3rd of April 2014 the bewitching city of Venice was awash with the full Diesel collection by Nicola Formichetti, the company’s first artistic director.  Venice was chosen as the background for premiering his collection because it was, ‘homage to the brand’.  The inspiring 2014 winter/fall collection has proved to be a fitting celebration for his first year with the company; in fact he started working with Diesel on the 3rd April 2013 so it truly is a date that he will remember forever.

Away from the Glitz and Glamour

Obviously we all don’t have access to the sparkling lifestyle of the celebrities who arrive at the show on planes, trains and gondolas but we will have access to the inspired designs that were exhibited at the beginning of this month when the autumn and winter weather returns.  For now we can consider the Diesel clothes available for us to wear at the moment.

The Standout Collection

Our Diesel collection is all about embracing the warmer weather and boasts large print t-shirts and brightly coloured trunks in its collection.  We mustn’t forget the awesome jeans that Diesel is so famous for designing.  We have chosen our favourite pieces from our own collection and are going to show case them here today on our own virtual runway.

Bottoms Up!

These Diesel Stripe/Sky/Fushia kody 3 Pack Trunks are eye catching to say the least.  They are undergarments but to be perfectly honest if anyone was to catch a glimpse of these brightly coloured briefs under loose jeans they would most certainly not be offended.  In fact you had better hide these fantastic trunks from your girlfriend or she will steal them from you and you will never see them again!

diesel trunks

Diesel Denim

We love these Diesel Stone Wash 800z Larkee Straight Jeans our model shows how sexy they are with the washed denim effect, the slightly slouchy waist and the amazing effect it has on making your legs look just fantastic.  In fact wearing anything else with these magnificent jeans would almost be a crime as they will attract admiring glances from any ladies you may meet.

diesel jeans

The Polo Shirt

This Diesel White Brillo Denim Collar Polo Shirt manages to incorporate style and comfort all in one box.  If you are tired of feeling like an over grown teenager in a t-shirt but don’t want to feel stifled in a shirt then the polo shirt is a fantastic alternative.  Being able to open the collar allows air to circulate around your body and you will always feel fresh.

diesel polo shirt

Showing Your Pins!

Sometimes it is just too hot wear jeans but you still want to be able to wear all of your t-shirts without them clashing with brightly coloured beach shorts.  If choose to buy these Diesel Blue kroo Sweat Shorts then you will find that it is just a case of swapping your trousers for shorts and still looking the bee’s knees!  These shorts will be so comfortable that you will always want the season to stay summer and never change to autumn.

diesel shorts

Whatever you choose from our Diesel collection you will look great and will definitely be delighted with the quality and design of your clothing choice!

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